Studio Policy


We advise for you not enter the class if you are more than 10 minutes late. This is a safety issue as you will have missed the start of the warm-up which could potentially cause an injury.

Food & Drinks

We like to keep our studios clean, therefore, food and drinks are not allowed inside the studios, except for bottles of water. Chewing gum is not allowed. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all areas of the premises.

Filming Policy - Photographs & Videos

We love that our students want to share their progress and accomplishments with friends and family. However, in order to respect the privacy of other students and instructors it is important to abide by the following rules:

  • Please do not photograph or video instructors while they are teaching

  • You may video the instructor’s demonstration at a time allocated by the instructor, however no videos of instructors may be posted online.

  • If you would like to take a picture or film yourself, you are welcome to do so during the following times:

    • After class, before the next class starts

    • Private Classes

    • Private Studio Rental

    • Open Practice

  • Please respect other student’s privacy and ask permission before capturing other students on camera. No photos or videos of other students may be posted online without prior permission.

  • If you are a parent and would like to take a picture or video of your child, you are welcome to do so at a time allocated by the instructor. You may not take photos or videos of other children other than your own.

  • If you post videos of class or rehearsals, please do not post any choreography in its entirety

Phone Use

Please be respectful of your instructor by not using your phone during class. If it is an emergency, please leave the room to answer your phone.

Proper Shoes & Attire

Street shoes must be removed before entering the studios. Please refer to our Dance and Aerial Arts pages for the appropriate attire and shoes for each different discipline.

Studio Care

Please keep hands off the mirrors and please do not hang on the barres.

Student Drop Off & Pick Up

All students should remain in the building until picked up by a parent. When dropping your child off for class, please walk them to the door and watch for them to enter the building.

Lost & Found

Please keep your valuables in the designated areas of the studios and double check that you have all your belongings before leaving the studio and building. If you lose something, check in the lost and found. We will make every effort to locate and return lost items, however, we are not responsible for loss of personal items.

Code of Conduct


  • Respect for teachers, parents and peers will be expected at all times. Dancers behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave the class, and parents will be contacted.
  • Disruptive talking or behavior in class may lead to early dismissal of student.
  • No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated.
  • Students are expected to attend class and be punctual.
  • We suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your class to warm-up and be prepared for class.
  • Any student arriving late must check in at the front desk and enter the studio quickly and quietly so as not to disrupt the class.
  • No running in the studios, touching mirrors or hanging off the barres.
  • Dancers must be dressed in proper attire for every class.
  • We recommend hair to be in a bun for all Ballet classes and pulled back off the face for all other classes except Hip Hop and Contemporary.
  • Dancers must treat the studio as if it were their home. Any damages caused to the studio by a student will be held liable for damages to the property, assets and equipment.
  • Theft of any kind at the dance studio will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Cell phones must be silent and put away during classes and within the studio.
  • Leave all valuables at home. The studio cannot be held responsible for any lost or missing belongings.


  • Ensure that the student attends their scheduled classes. Private make-up sessions are encouraged in cases where students have been absent from their courses.
  • Ensure that the student is wearing appropriate attire for the class they are attending.
  • Ensure to drop your child off at the door as well as pick up students at the door no more than 15 minutes after class ends.
  • Encourage and help the student to follow the student code of conduct.
  • Help school staff deal with disciplinary issues involving their child.
  • Do not interrupt classes while in progress. Please make an appointment at the front desk if you wish to book a meeting with a teacher.
  • The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave all valuables at home.