1. Make sure to download the latest version of Zoom to your computer, tablet or mobile device HERE. 2. Ensure Zoom has access to your device’s microphone so that you can hear the class: -iOS: Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and switch on the toggle for Zoom. -Android: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App permissions > Microphone and switch on the toggle for Zoom. -For computer audio, you will need a working microphone, such as the built-in mic, a USB mic or an inline mic on a headset or earphones. 4. We may recommend a few household props from time to time, in general, our classes are designed for you to enjoy without extra equipment. 5. Our Brava Studio instructors will also be teaching virtual private classes. For more information please contact us via


1. Sign in to your Brava Studio account, or SIGN UP to get started. Please ensure your Account Info is up to date with the correct email address. 2. You’ll need to purchase a Live Class before you can book in. 3. Classes are booked the usual way through our website or App (our booking window will close 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, be sure to sign up at least 45 minutes before we get moving). 4. Should you need to reschedule, we ask for you to cancel your booking at least two hours prior to the class start via your online account or mobile application. The class credit will automatically return to your account for future booking. 5. Our online bookings only accept Credit Card purchases, Debit Cards will not be processed.


1. 15-20 minutes before class start, look out for an email from us with your unique Zoom link. 2. Follow the link to join the class via your computer, tablet, mobile or connected TV. 3. The class will open 7 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to ensure we’re all together and connected — technically, just as much to say ‘hi’ to your friends , old and new! 4. Your teacher will be online ready to meet you, and we’ll have a Guru online to help with any questions. 5. As you join the class your microphone will be muted, and you have the option to turn your camera off if you wish. 6. Please note that Zoom only allows for one device to join the class. If you sign into an additional device while logged into another of the same type, you will be automatically logged out of the first device. Zoom doesn’t permit sharing accounts with multiple individuals. 7. Feel free to ‘shout out’ to us privately, or the group as a whole via the chat window – should you need to ask a question once the class begins, you can do so here.