Always wanted to look like the pros from Dancing with the Stars? Then these classes are for you! Learn anything from the elegant waltz, to the fast speed jive and the sassy cha-cha.


Who is mastery coaching for?

Mastery coaching is for anyone who feels stuck in their current progress towards competency with a particular skill. It isn't only for musicians and artisans, but for any profession or hobby that takes time to master. The fastest way to achieving a desired level of progress is to work with a coach who has a proven approach to attaining it.

Doesn't my degree of talent determine how well I can master a skill?

In most cases, your results have more to do with your approach to mastery than talent. Even the most admired experts - who would be called a prodigy or genius - have had access to special knowledge or a certain approach to learning that most do not, accompanied by a host of other factors. The simple truth is this: the more you know about the art of learning, the better and faster you can excel in any particular area of expertise.

How do I know that mastery coaching is for me?

If any of the following things are true for you, then you would benefit from mastery coaching:

  1. You feel self doubt or frustration about significantly improving your abilities
  2. You want to see better results from your efforts in a shorter period of time
  3. You realize that a higher level of enjoyment at a skill comes with higher competency
  4. You want to achieve a higher level of skill, but you aren't sure how to reach it
  5. You have a deep desire to learn a new skill, but you worry you won't be good at it

How do I get started with mastery coaching?

Simply click the button that says "Start Now" and book an appointment, Oliver is looking forward to meeting and helping you reach your goals!


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Comfortable clothes, ballroom shoes.



Martin is our ballroom, latin dance, cabaret and latin cardio instructor. He is a five-time consecutive ballroom and latin champion in Wales, and was a Dancing with the Stars Middle East pro.


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