Popularized by Cirque du Soleil, aerial silks, is an apparatus that consists of one long piece of fabric attached to the ceiling to create two long tails. In this class you will gain upper body and abdominal strength while learning wraps, climbs, spins, flips and drops, all while suspended in beautiful, soft aerial fabric.


  • Beginners


  • Avoid loose clothing. Wear tight and comfortable clothes. Jeans and shorts must be avoided.

  • Opaque leggings or or yoga pants made of cotton or jersey fabric that are not slick are mandatory because silk and synthetic ones will cause slipperiness.

  • Please select clothing without metal parts e.g. zips or belts, as it may cause damage to your equipment.

  • Trim your finger. toenails and smooth out rough feet to prevent fabric snags.


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Physical Restrictions

Please talk to the instructor before attending class if you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, etc.) or putting pressure on your skin. If you have a spinal injury or medical condition, check with your doctor first.  


If you have had botox or other skin fillers, wait 24 hours before doing inversions.  If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before partaking in a class and inform the instructor prior to class.